Oh my.  This guy always causes so much scribbling.  All over the bulletin.  Now to see if we can decipher these notes, and capture all the “meat” that he so well delivers!

Title:  “From Clubbing to Koinonia” (Greek for “fellowship”)

  • People do the social club scene (drinking, partying, etc.) because they are either looking for relationship or escaping from bad relationships
  • Churches can also be a “social club scene”, though socially tame (no depth?)
  • True fellowship has nothing to do with how we “feel”, (though it can cause feelings)
  • True fellowship is founded in God, the Trinity, Who is a community of persons (the 2 things that set Christianity apart: 1) the death & resurrection of Christ 2) the Trinity); and we need to understand fellowship & God in that context…


  • Father-heart, prodigal son
  • Jesus refers to the Father loving Him


  • Jesus’ obedience to the Father
  • commitment, faithfulness
  • discipleship–suffering (1 Pet. 4:1-11); “fellowship of his sufferings”, etc.

SPIRIT: “glue” (lose term)

  • helps us understand
  • calls & sends
  • empowers

-Seeking to “protect” our fellowship (especially physically), can destroy it (overprotection?)
-the pain of separation can actually bring you closer (Jesus knew separation from the Father on the cross)
-suffering & separation as part of missions…

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