crazy, etc.

It’s the silliest thing:  The Mom was just browsing around, trying to remember what else she’s supposed to do this morning, completely forgetting about our ‘appointment’ here!  Strange.  I suppose it’s because she’s supposed to be in a rush this morning, so was only picking out the really important things.  She has to bake Banana Muffins right after her shopping, so that she can bring them to The Freshman tonight.  They couldn’t be done earlier, because she needed more yogurt made to use in the recipe; plus, you’re supposed to wait until there is absolutely no more green on the bananas.  Then while the muffins are baking, it’s time to pack for one last trip (just for the weekend), and get the trailer ready to put away for the winter.

Our back deck, in the Fall.  It was so fun to decorate for Halloween when there were kids around, and The Mom continued to do so for a couple of years after the kids had all disappeared.  But it’s decoration enough just having all the leaves!
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