amazing things

  • Nanny’s pumpkin & apple pie!!!
  • Pappy’s hard work:  making so many walking trails around his lot (where a lot of our fall pictures come from), helping us with so many things–including a drive out to help us change a tire!
  • amazing how shredded a tire can get, with a blow-out
  • that they stopped before ruining the rim (you can barely tell when something happens to a tire on a trailer you’re pulling)
  • the trailer is now put away for the winter
  • not one, but TWO “bad” things happened yesterday:
  • the trailer had a blow-out on the way home
  • we received ‘VIOLATION’ notices from the city about our driveway, which has been like that since we moved in 25 years ago!
  • amazing how The Dad can usually manage to be cheerful through these “adventures”; it reminds The Mom of her kid, who would make the bus-driver laugh by saying, on a pouring-rain day:  “Isn’t it just BEAUTIFUL weather!!!”
  • how good it feels to “unload a lecture” (a different story, not to be told here)
  • To think how much there is to do today and tomorrow, and there’s still time to post something here!
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