(TWO great new words…)

Well, The Boy is home for Thanksgiving Weekend, and though he still looks like his food intake has been rather exiguous, he seems healthy enough!  He enjoyed the Cheese Blintz supper last night, and practically licked the bowl clean of his pumpkin pie.  Tonight the new recipe is “Best Ever Meat Sauce” with spaghetti squash.  (As you can tell, The Mom got a new cookbook!)

Now for another favourite Fall scene from Nanny’s house…

Just love the mix of colours here.  The propinquity of summer and autumn is highlighted by the fall leaves beside the photo of Nanny & Pappy at their 50th anniversary celebration, a year ago this summer.  The balloons could make you think of Christmas, but there are a lot of red & green mixtures in Fall Leaves.  They’re actually there because of a baby shower they had for a niece–whose little girl will be a year old in one month’s time.  (The little boy in the orange shirt, of previous fall photos, is the older brother.)

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