Two questions

(In honour of Canadian Thanksgiving):
1. The first thing that comes to your mind:  what are you thankful for?
2. When you think about it, what are you MOST thankful for, besides God & people?

Our answers:
#1:  Good coffee, being able to type on a laptop, lj, a comfy lap/cat…
#2:  That when you’re tired of the same old thing, there’s usually a way to change something, or the season changes to give you fresh energy, etc. (“this too, shall pass”); and that some things never change:  the sun will always rise the next day, Spring will always come, new babies are always being born, etc.

What are your answers?

PS:  Don’t read the comments first (no cheating!)  For the first one, just put down the first thing you think of.  Then take some time to think, for the second one.

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