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The lady who always does our church decorating, is also our Children’s Pastor.  She tells the kind of children’s stories that the ADULTS always look forward to! 

These pictures are from a few years ago; this year there was even more bread in the decorations, since she was preaching (for the adults) on the theme “The Bread of Life”.

Oh my, The Mom just remembered a dream she had last night.  It was so sad!  Our former pastor had to come back and speak, for some reason, and… he was a changed man.  He was very skinny, and walked with a limp. *sob*  miss him

They’ve begun interviewing prospective people for the Senior Pastor position, but how hard it will be to choose!  People are “so human”, and God won’t necessarily (probably not) make it clear in a miraculous sort of way (“writing in the sky”?)

Can anyone really be our pastor without knowing us?  That’s probably why our former pastor’s sermons spoke so clearly to people’s hearts; he loved us, and was in tune with what God would say to us.  But many people just don’t listen, and seem to forget that God can work through a person, even use him mightily, in spite of the fact that he’s just as human as we are!

Anyway, the prayer is that God will lead us to the right person for the job, even through ordinary ways & means.  He is able.

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