garden stuff

Today, another shot of Nanny’s Fall decorations…

Aren’t the sharp contrasts beautiful?  And once again, Christmas colours in the Fall!

These are from her “forest garden”. :)

The garden work got done yesterday–yay!  A couple of pots got left out front, hoping for some more time to enjoy them out there, but… YIKES!  It’s only 0 degrees (celsius) this morning!

The “inside garden” got fixed up as well, though it’s difficult to figure out the right spot for each plant.  Not enough sun sometimes, other times the sun is too strong.  Also, there has to be enough space in the right place. :P  Two of the “driveway pots” that got thrown together quickly with herbs & annuals from the garden, now look so nice after all the rain, that The Mom wants to bring them in–though she’s not hopeful they’ll survive inside!

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