unsettled weather?

We should have saved that song “Hiding Place” for the end of the day yesterday.  It might have soothed the agglomeration of anger and disappointment that The Mom collected in one evening!

First her T-shirt order arrived.  (She orders custom designed T-shirts for the kids’ club.)  They had lost the design and made the new one way too small, even though she sent pictures and measurements; they sent Burgandy instead of Royal Blue, even though she always spells the colours out fully; the white T-shirts had the design in white–enough said there; and not one, but THREE sizes were wrong!  It’s just hard to fathom how they could have made such mistakes!

So, just when she was noting all this, it was time to go off to the fitness club.  They hadn’t been for quite awhile, but were determined to start back regularly again.  The exercising promised to be the perfect thing for easing a bad mood, but the best thing was looking forward to the pool and hot tub afterwards.

Not.  It wasn’t only closed for cleaning, it was CEMENTED OVER!!  Closed permanently, with NO plans for another one!  In times past, it was such a great thing to exercise and then head for the soothing hot tub.  So sad.  The only comforting factor, is the smallish monthly fee that we pay, since our membership was purchased 20 years ago.

Ah, well!  The club leaders have been called on to pray that The Mom doesn’t swear too much to the T-shirt company.  Let’s see what cheering sort of picture we can find today…

The street right next to ours looks like this in the Fall.  They alternate one of the dark maples, and one of the golden-leafed trees (which is green in the summer, of course).  The gold leaves are long and skinny, and make a glorious “carpet” when they spill down all over the ground.

Oh, and the FURNACE came on today!  (Air conditioner turned off TWO DAYS AGO.)

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