more Fall-ness

There is still an abundance of green leaves extant in our backyard, in contrast to the dearth of branch-covering on the front maples!  But there has been lots of activity for me to watch lately–squirrels burying apples in The Mom’s garden (sorry no pictures,

), and…. HEY!  Speak of the… where’s the camera?  Too late–sorry

!  We were just going to tell you about this brown rabbit that’s been hanging around, and up it comes, right in to the garden (which is right at our window)!  With its tall ears twitching, and round eyes watching carefully, stretching up on its hind legs sometimes.  The lately-planted kale smelled good to it, I guess, but it left when it saw the camera come out.

So, back to more forest-Fall pictures…

Hallelujah–to the Lord of Heaven and Earth!!

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