holding down the Emo One

Boy, I had some trouble last night, trying to hold The Mom down, and make her act her age!  All because of one little email, one request, from the very guy she was talking about on Sunday (whose sermon notes were pages long).  He wants to put together a Lenten devotional booklet, with daily readings contributed by various members of our church.  The email was to The Mom and one other lady, asking them to be on the “editorial board”, because of their “experience and gifting”.  Oh boy, there she goes again… “Lenten devotional!  Lenten devotional!  Editorial board!”  Don’t know why he thought she had experience or gifting, except that he has visited her blogging at least once… (or–maybe more often than she knows?)  Guess he doesn’t realize it’s me the cat writing; but it wouldn’t do to have a cat on an “editorial board”. 

Of course, it’s “right up her alley”  (writer’s drill:  think of something better than that cliche!); it has nothing to do with being published, but that was never in her mind anyway.

Ah, well!  I’d better start training her!

This is a Pumpkin Tree.

April Fool’s!  Or, I mean, October Fool’s?  A few years ago, before there was too much shade to grow them, The Mom trained her pumpkin plant to climb the Forsythia.  It was quite neat, but she could never get it to work again!
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