are you squishable?

Lynda was in fine form at church yesterday, starting off her sermon with a skit, put on by the young people (mostly), about “The Gifts of the Spirit”.  Just like the body needs breath in order to live, our Christian life needs the breath of the Holy Spirit.  This means we can’t do anything, at least nothing really worthwhile, without keeping up that relationship with the Spirit.  She did a good job of tying in a lot of things… like each part of the body having its own gift & value within the Body of Christ, the Spirit = love and without love anything we do is “like clanging symbols”, correcting each other in love, etc.  She talked about being open to the Spirit as a church, and that even though that has a possibility of going to extremes–better to be in need of some cautionary words, rather than be a dead church.

She closed off with a really neat illustration:  should we as a church, be a Bag of Marbles, or a Cluster of Grapes?  The marbles are shiny and beautiful, but hard and banging up against each other; the grapes are squishy, get crushed, and their juice mingles so that you cannot separate one grape’s juice from another.  The grapes are messier, but much more nutritious.  That’s because… they’re attached to The Vine.

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