use for everyday news?

We’ve been thinking about how some people come here “looking for something to read” (people in our readership who are not lj users), and usually there’s barely any news, and sometimes not even much to read… how inimical of us!  (But that’s not been the nature of this blog…)  Of course, the particular People we’re thinking of, probably have lots of different blogs to visit, what with grandkids being on Facebook, etc.  A good idea might be for us to get “them” (or “him”) signed up with an lj account and friends-list–THEN he’d have lots to read!  However, one doesn’t want to have too much reading to do when there are gardens and forests to enjoy, etc. :)

Today’s Fall picture is a barn-country scene–right inside our house!

(That’s me sitting on the garage roof!)

This barn & wooden “accessories” were bought at a farmer’s market ages ago, when The Boy was still quite small.  But The Mom always said it wasn’t for him, it was hers.  Sometimes she does remember to change the arrangement according to season–often it gets used as the backdrop for the Nativity at Christmastime, of course.  That beaten-up tractor was actually The Dad’s when he was little!!
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