Fall progresses

Our front yard is going to need raking soon; there are just a few leaves left on that maple, but still lots of greenish leaves out back.  “Greenish”, meaning they are beginning to have a yellow tint to them.  Of course the Mountain Ash has lost a lot of leaves, as well as that neighbour’s tree that started to fade way back during the summer drought.  The old lilac bushes (also the neighbour’s) are rather sick-looking at this time of year, and unfortunately the Fall-yellow of the grapevine wreath is a dead-and-brown-spotted yellow.  However, the newly planted stone crop is “flush” with pink blooms, and the animals haven’t eaten all of the kale yet!

The Mom hung some “fluttering ghosts” out there… as if I haven’t got enough to jump at, every time she excitedly whispers “squirrel!”  Why can’t she just let me sleep?  I’m feeling extra tired out these days too, just thinking about all the hard exercising they’ve been doing.  They get back from the fitness club before the sun has even risen!

Our picture today has nothing to do with Fall, just a nice old picture, from a previous century.

It’s one of those “colourized” ones, neat eh?

Her name was Annie Glen (first & second name), and she’s The Mom’s grandmother, Pappy’s Mom.
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