the “Fall of life”…

These latest pictures, that is, are in the Fall of Life.  Mind you, so would the people be, if they were still alive! (Or… what about the “Winter of life”?)  They are from Nanny’s scrapbooking albums.  The Mom took pictures of all her work, and divided them all into seasons according to colour (while keeping the originals in their original album folders, of course.)  She’s done HUGE albums for each of her four kids, plus a Heritage Album of her background, and a Heritage Album of Pappy’s background.  Oh, and a couple for grandkids.  Her oldest grandkid started it off (though she was working on the first four at the time, which took her FOUR YEARS) by making a large one for her, for her 65th birthday a couple of years ago.  Plus, the same girl did a very special “Guest Book” for their 50th anniversary, that was scrapbooking.  So, there are quite a few now, telling the whole story of their lives!

This is a postcard that Nanny’s Mom received from her father (so that would be in the early 1900’s).  She was from California, but married a Canadian and moved all the way to Ontario.  Actually, they eloped, then each went back to their separate homes (he not all the way back to Ontario yet, of course), and only broke the news a week or so later!  Guess there was a lot of eloping in those days, cause Pappy’s parents also eloped.  But imagine, being newly married and not even living together for the first several days of your married life!

A father’s love… it looks like he made it himself, with different colours of glitter.  Here we thought glitter was a recent thing!
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