simple CAN be best!

Today this journaling serves its purpose especially well, to keep this soi-disant editor, The Mom, from barreling into the Booklet project we were telling you about the other day.  Of course, you can’t phone people to ask for contributions, at 6 in the morning!

And the best way to start a day is always with Quietness.  Stopping to notice “simple” things, helps you to be aware of God’s reality & presence.  Sometimes in this world of constant change,  it just feels good to note constant, forever-type things.  Like Fall!  The neighbour’s maple is now mostly yellow, while our own Green Spire Linden is still mostly green-leaved, as well as the Wild Rose and the Forsythia.

Now for some indoor Fall…

Hey, there’s me!  I was just making sure these guys were going to allow me to curl up here.

The bright, soft, stuffed bears were such a good sale that The Mom bought quite a few of them, and then could not get herself to give very many of them away.  The “afghan” was a project she spent years knitting:  she loves doing the knitting, not finishing it!  That piece of small rocking chair you see on the right corner, is one The Dad had when he was little; The Mom painted it several years ago.  (She copied a Precious Moments little boy, and painted on the verse: “You must become as children”.)

*small rant about The Message*
(opposite to what that implies):
What is it that some people have against it?  We all know it’s a paraphrase and that you don’t use it, by itself, for study.  (But we have found at least one instance where it was more accurate than another translation.)  That’s what they kept saying about the Living Bible, back when The Mom was a teenager:  she might never have read the Bible through at that time, if it wasn’t for that “paraphrase”. The intention in writing The Message, is to give people the same feeling that the words originally written would have given the people in the culture of that day.  Interesting that the people we know of who object to The Message, are a fair bit younger than The Mom:  perhaps they haven’t read the Bible through as many times as she has, in other versions.  God’s Word will always inspire, whatever version, but The Message gives such a fresh perspective for those who have read so much of the “usual” versions.  And we’re quite sure it attracts those who might not normally read much of the Bible.  Just like when the Bible was first put into English–it was the language of the street, but those street people would not have otherwise read it:  The King James Version!  (Which is not as accurate as other modern versions, by the way.)

“A quarrelsome person in a dispute
is like kerosene thrown on a fire.

Listening to gossip is like eating cheap candy;
do you want junk like that in your belly?”
(Proverbs 26:21-22)

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