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We’re starting a new book today:  Nehemiah.  Bet you thought we meant for our recreational reading!  But that separation is indicative of what we’re about to share…

Eugene Peterson does such excellent introductions to each book of the Bible, and this one fits perfectly with what we’ve been talking about at our church lately–how each person’s job is important.  Peterson talks about how “separating life into distinct categories of ‘sacred’ and ‘secular'” is not good.  Where do people come up with this habit? he says.  “It surely wasn’t from the Bible.  The Holy Scriptures, from beginning to end, strenuously resist such a separation.”  He mentions how we refer to the work of pastors and priests as “sacred” and others (“lawyers, farmers, engineers”) as “secular”.  “Work, by its very nature, is holy.  The biblical story  is dominated by people who have jobs in gardening, shepherding, the military, politics, carpentry, tent making, homemaking, fishing, and more.”  Of course, the story of Nehemiah is a case in point.  He started out as government worker, and ended up as a building contractor; and his story is interwoven with that of Ezra, a scribe and scholar working with the Scriptures.  “Neither job was more or less important or holy than the other… God’s people needed the work of both of them.  We still do.”

The Mom and her decorations!  She’s always changing them around.  Soon, in honour of Remembrance Day, she’ll take everything off of the walls, except for one large poppy (a craft The Boy made years ago).

There’s one of those bright teddies again.  It’s not too clear, but the two photos were taken at a farm that The Mom and The Boy used to visit (he’s about 7 or 8 in the pictures); where they could climb on haystacks, try corn mazes, feed animals, etc.  Great days!
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