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No sermon notes today, or this month in fact, since it’s The Mom’s turn to help with the children’s program.  There are some further notes about “discovering your Spiritual Gifts” though.

Our Small Group is doing another study that is written by someone else, but is very similar to the one from the weekend.  In this one, The Mom’s “top gift” comes out as the one she doubted from the other one:  Faith.  Next comes Mercy, and then “Teaching the Faith”.  There isn’t even a “Creative Communication” OR a gift of “Intercession” in this one!  Which just serves to put some caution on how much importance one should place on these things.  Of course, “Teaching” could go with “Communication”…

However, something that comes to mind after yesterday’s post, is that there is also a danger with all this “Spiritual Gifts” stuff, to be putting too much separation between Secular and Holy.  One exercise in the Small Group session, was to share your deepest dreams/hopes, in order to get a clue to your particular gift.  All the mothers in the group had their dreams and hopes tied up in their children.  Mothering is holy!  Is changing diapers, doing laundry, baking, etc., mentioned in the lists of spiritual gifts?  Of course they are: Mercy, Helps, Administration, Leadership, Teaching the Faith, etc., etc.  Faith, for example, is a gift that seems hard to specifically define into actions–it’s rather something that can permeate anything and everything that one does.

Sometimes, we just make things too complicated; we think about them too much! 

Will anything really change as we “discover our spiritual gifts”?  Well, it does serve to help us get to know and understand each other a little better, for sure.

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