FALL icon: “The Royal WINTER Fair”

(Okay all you writers–give us a better word for “icon”… or is that really the one I want?)

The largest of its kind in North America–right here in Toronto!  And yes, that’s what they call it, a “winter” fair held in the “fall”!  The Mom has to rush away to get groceries so that she can get a bunch of baking done today, but maybe tomorrow we’ll have a picture or two for you.  What they have the most of at the Fair though (besides people), seems to be COWS!  Nothing like the smell of the country in the heart of the city!

Meanwhile, our back yard is now covered with the neighbour’s maple leaves (which won’t be too bad if we can get some dry weather to mow them); but our Linden, though somewhat thinned out, still has lots of green leaves.  The Forsythia is finally starting to yellow.  Our spruce tree is decorated all over, with sprinklings of the yellow/orange maple leaves. 

Oh to be a kid, and respond to the lure to go out and “rustle”!

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