First Snow!

This is early, although there’s only a light covering on rooftops, grass, and vehicles–none staying on the road.  But it hasn’t melted yet, at almost 9 am.  After all, it is still 2 degrees below zero celsius (29 F).  Pouring rain and lots of wind during the night, but mostly bright and sunny this morning.

I haven’t been doing my curl-up-and-purr thing on The Mom this morning too much, because she is sorely tempted to go back to sleep this morning–and we can’t have that when there’s still a lot to do.  She was so busy yesterday that she actually went to bed without finishing the after-supper clean up!  (That bed-time being around 8:30!)  Well, that’s what happens when you insist on getting some Christmas things done ahead of time, so that when December comes you have more time to just relax and enjoy the season.

So, that’s besides the regular things that she has to do each week just to keep The Freshman healthy & smart:  cookies that have to be “crisped” for 2 hours after they’re baked, biscuits or muffins (everything made with nut flour), and some nuts & seeds “fried” a bit in some olive oil and salted.  (We can’t use bought ones that have been roasted & salted, in case of added starches… they taste SO delicious when you do it yourself anyway.)  This special diet calls for a HUGE amount of nuts, and we’ve discovered that tree nuts are a seed that packs in quite an impressive amount of nutrition… so, no wonder our “diseased” Freshman seems healthier than all his “normal” peers!  (When they were all down with flu bugs, he never got it–whereas before he was usually one of the first.)

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