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It doesn’t always fall on Remembrance Day–the day we use to remember soldiers–but this year it’s also the Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.  And very appropriately so, because if there’s one thing they want, it’s to know that they are not forgotten.

In honour of this day, we have some quotes/information from a recent Breakpoint article (Chuck Colson).

“One of the major Cambodian officials cited for crimes against humanity is named Duch.”  He directed a prison “where some 14,000 people are thought to have been tortured before being sent to their deaths in the killing fields… Duch has actually admitted his part in the killings of nearly one-quarter of Cambodia’s population, and has spent the last eight years in a military prison.”  He’s said that he has to bear the consequences.  “You see, before Duch surrendered to authorities, he surrendered to Christ.”

“And he was not alone.

“Ninety percent of Cambodia’s Christians may have been slaughtered during the reign of Pol Pot, but as human rights advocate Kristin Wright reported, more than 2,000 Khmer Rouge who once followed Pol Pot now follow Christ! Many of them converted after encountering the faith of those they murdered…. And now, years after nearly being exterminated, Christianity is growing in Cambodia, despite the new government’s clamp-down on non-Buddhist religious activities.”  As Tertullian said: “The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church.”

Chuck goes on to explain how the blood of martyrs is flowing today like never before–in China, Iraq, etc.  So, please pray.  And pray also for the persecutors.

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