Finally, most of our leaves are quite faded, though it sure seems like the Linden leaves were a brighter yellow last year.  That one has thinned out quite a bit, though there are still quite a few leaves hanging on, and the Forsythia seems to have most of its leaves still.  The neighbour’s maple is almost completely bare, but a distant neighbour’s maple is amass with yellow.  However, as we sit here watching it–and there is not a breath of wind–there is a constant fluttering of yellow “snowflakes”.

And another “icon” approaches…  TOMORROW is:  The Santa Claus Parade!  At last, all those who have been listening to Christmas music in secret, can come out in the open!

On a completely different subject, The Mom wants to share about her latest morning readings:

The work is done, and the people ask for a reading from scripture.  So they get it, “from early dawn until noon”–standing the whole time.  A large group of scholars is on hand to explain it to them.  Then they begin to weep and carry on, but are told they should go home and feast, celebrate.  Then, the next day, the family heads come back for more reading!  They discover that it’s the feast of booths, so they figure out all the things they’re supposed to do; and again, Ezra reads from the scripture every day for seven days!  And that’s not the end–several days later, that same month, they all gather for a fast, and “while they stood in their places, they read from the Book”!  Don’t know about you, but when I fast, I certainly don’t want to be standing!

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