cold day for The parade

It’s a cheery-bright sun, but… only minus 8 celsius this morning!!  And it’s only going up to plus 3 (about 35 F), so it’ll be cold for all those Parade-Watchers.  Those IN the Parade will probably be warm, though.
See, we have cause to know that.  The Mom has a Parade Memory for you…

(about 14 years ago?), the LITTLE Boy was in The Santa Claus Parade!  What a great memory that is:  it was one of the few years that there was a good snowfall the night before.  However, the temperature was fairly warm (not enough to melt the snow), and all the parade characters were dressed up quite warm in their costumes!

One of the best parts of it, of course, was the anticipation.  A few weeks before, we had to go downtown for sizing.  With all the information/instruction we got, we were told that our little one would not be on the side where the TV cameras were–that was reserved for children of the employees of the float-sponsor.  Ha!  Somehow, not only was he on the TV side, but he was ON TV!  The other amazing thing, was amazing because the Parade is televised right away and we had a long trip back home from downtown:  we got home just in time to hear Nanny & Pappy exclaiming “THERE’S SAM!!!”  PLUS, with the length of the parade, etc., and no one knowing that he was going to be on TV–a few of our friends just happened to see him!  *sigh*  It was SUCH fun!

*giggle*:  not for him though!  His memory is one of loooong waiting, and being SO hot, and being SO tired of all that WAVING he had to do!  But it doesn’t seem to have ruined his enjoyment of the Santa Claus Parade–he still likes to turn it on, even at almost-20.  Now he’s so close to it, living downtown, and even had an invitation to go with someone; but unfortunately has to do some schoolwork.

Silly Mom, she can’t even remember what the costume was, beyond being the Mother Goose float.  Maybe she’ll have to look it up for you.

Meanwhile, things are progressing MUCH better than they were last year (when no one felt like writing the Christmas Letter because of The Boy being sick, etc.)–she’s ALREADY finished her part of the Letter, and has her Christmas cards ready to decorate… her excuse is that she’ll be too busy as the time gets closer, baking up some more untried recipes!

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