First Christmas Card!!

From Sweden!!  Thank you

!  How interesting to see a real reindeer!

Now to get The Mom going on her Christmas cards… if I can ever keep her away from Facebook!  She figured out how to import lj to there, but that means she can’t use their tagging feature, oh well.  Plus, people there will wonder what we’re talking about when we say “The Mom”, since they’re not reading the lj profile here.  Oh well, many of them know how it is, with me needing to help her with her writing, etc.

Things look much nicer here, don’t think we’ll ever move completely to blogging on Facebook.

But the problem with it, is that now there are SO MANY people to watch–check out their Notes, their Photos, the list of events, etc. etc.!  Fun of course, but rather distracting!  Hopefully, the novelty will wear off, and things will get back to normal!

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