First Storm!

And of course, The Mom just had to go out in it this morning!  The first trick was to get the doors of the truck open–the whole thing was a like a big block of ice.  Then because of the sleet coming down, the salt trucks didn’t seem to be doing much good; however, 4-wheel drive made it barely noticeable, especially when you’re bound to drive slow and careful on such a day.  If we can survive the window-scraping job, the rest is easy!

So now she’s back, and is rather pleased with herself because not only are the groceries looked after, the HUGE job of a total vacuum & wash of the wood floor (moving furniture out to find dust-covered, long-lost treasures), is all done!!  The sleet changed to snow, so there was a Christmasy feeling to energize her.  The Mom is hesitant to admit that she’s getting ready to put up the Tree, but if you look on facebook–all kinds of people are doing Christmas-type things.

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