tears: a sign of Hope

The Mom still remembers an episode of Touched by an Angel, where there was a hardened, bitter soldier; who near the end, was crying in agony about his inner rottenness.  It was a beautiful thing.  You see, he was now open to God.  It’s when your heart is tender, that you are sensitive to His touch–like sunburned skin.  It’s when your defenses are down, the shield shattered, that His love can get through.  We had one pastor who preferred funerals to weddings, because it’s at funerals that people are forced to think of their eternal destiny.  If they don’t recognize God’s love, they make a beginning with the hugs of others.

Even when God begins to move in a church, there is often a season of tears.  A scripture verse says:  “The Lord is close to those whose hearts are breaking.”  To “see a big man cry” is actually beautiful (though it can be overdone, of course)–because it’s a sign of a sensitive spirit, one that loves easily, no matter how tough he looks, or how tough he can be.

So, perhaps, we’re getting an inkling of why so much grief comes at this time.  Don’t forget that other verse:  “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning”.  Screaming in painful agony, seems to go on forever… but in the morning:  BIRTH!!

Strength will come as we wait upon the Lord,
We will wait upon the Lord,
We will wait

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