Holding Hands can boost your immune system

We keep going back to last year’s Advent posts, and finding neat things that bear repeating.  The one for today is about an article from Focus on the Family, where they refer to the “Touch Research Institute”.  Are you surprised that they have discovered huge benefits to holding hands?  Not only for couples of course, but parent-child, senior-younger, etc.  To quote the quote from the newsletter (and this starts as a quote from our own post :D): “We found that holding the hand of really anyone . . . [makes] your brain work a little less hard in coping,” (Dr. James Coan).  He also says:  “If you’re in a really strong relationship, you may be protected against pain and stress hormones that may have a damaging effect on your immune system.”

Makes sense, really.  So if you ever feel helpless and wish there was something you could do for someone–there is HOPE:  hold their hand!

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