purifying preparation

It’s amazing how several themes can mix together… Hope can be involved with waiting, which involves patience, which involves suffering.  We started with the idea of suffering (tears) being a “door” to Advent, and we couldn’t have been far off the mark, since in our readings this morning we’ve come across that same idea!  “..what seems like an obstacle becomes a door;” he says (Nouwen), referring to Jesus talking about weeping and wailing being birth pains (something else we mentioned).  “To wait patiently therefore means to allow our weeping and wailing to become the purifying preparation by which we are made ready to receive the joy which is promised us.”

That sounds rather full of Hope, don’t you think?

He brings love
    to the world,
He brings peace
    to the world,
He brings joy
    to the world,
He brings life
    to the world!

Receive it.

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