How many symbols of HOPE can you think of?

  • candle flickering in the dark
  • sun just beginning to rise
  • children
  • newborn baby
  • empty cross
  • budding plant
  • expectant mother

That “newborn baby” one was a very real sign of hope for The Mom last year around this time… her own “baby” (almost 19 at the time) was so, so sick.  The world seemed dark with no good news, and then her niece had her new little one–a girl!  It was a wonderful reminder of lots of good news going on–with more to come!

Children….  there will always be joy & laughter, someone easy to love and who’ll love you back easily.  If things seem at all dark in your world—you need to spend some time with children.

The “newborn” we speak of–on her 1st birthday a few weeks ago!  Her name is “Jasmine Melody”.

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