mothering, and the question of sacrifice

Do people think about the daily sacrifices they make?  Do you?  Like pulling yourself out of bed in the morning, to start.  And dragging yourself in to work.  After all, you could just live on the street (move to a warmer climate, first!)  Just think about what it would be like to have absolutely zero responsibility… no one expecting you to be anywhere or do anything, or to look a certain way–no expectations of any kind!  No deadlines, in fact, no clock or calendar needed!

What sacrifices are you making in preparation for Christmas?  Are you spending some money, taking some time to wrap gifts?  Mothers tend to truly shine in the sacrifice category; no less at this time of year, with all the baking to be done, school concerts to attend, keeping their kids’ diets in some kind of control while allowing some special treats, making sure there will be some great surprises, decorating to create just the right atmosphere, etc.

A mother’s sacrifice starts even before she gives birth, with those nine months of often uncomfortable waiting.  And the birth itself!  Who could argue about that sacrifice?  Well, a mother herself might.  Most of these things we’ve been talking about, do have a return for what is suffered.  What can be more wonderful than a tiny one to care for?  (To cook, clean, sacrifice for?)  What can be more rewarding than watching a little person, who came from you, grow and develop into an adult?

Do you think Mary considered it a sacrifice to allow God to occupy her body?  Perhaps she was so caught up in wonder, that she barely noticed the “disgrace” of being pregnant before marriage.  The really hard part, was what she had to “ponder in her heart”.  It was what He would sacrifice…

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