strength needed for sacrifice

Our first Nouwen reading this morning ended off talking about our need for the Spirit’s power, and the next one started with the truth that we can’t do a single thing without God.  After all, it’s in Him that we “live and breathe, and have our being”.  Never mind this “do your best and God will do the rest” thing–He is already working in you to help you do that “best”.  When things are really difficult, we learn more and more, how to whisper often during the day:  “I can’t take another step without Your help, Lord”.   We soon learn that we must go to Him not for some of our strength, but for all of it.

“I pray today for the power of your Spirit.  Let this power invade me and transform me into a real disciple, willing to follow you even where I would rather not go.  Amen.”

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