simple gifts–the best gifts

Remember that Jesus said the person who gives a glass of water in His name (meaning, with the right attitude), would not lose his/her reward.  The Mom will always remember how precious that glass of water was, one day many years ago:  she was sick on the couch, and her 6 or 7 year old Boy so willingly and lovingly brought her a glass of water!

Think of that loved one who is so hard to buy for… which do you think they would prefer:  an expensive gift, or some “quality” time spent together?  (“quality” meaning FUN!)  Think what a gift it is when a little one flashes a bright smile our way!  And certain hugs from certain people, are a gift that kind of lingers, don’t you find?

Even a phone call, a compliment, a word of encouragement, a single flower… the list is endless.  One of the main things that will make these simple gifts special, is the unexpectedness of them.  Surprise someone!

And don’t forget the gift of allowing someone to give to you.  How delighted is the child who gets to pick out something for his mom!  This is a gift that just keeps going around in a circle–she so enjoys watching his excitement as he wraps it, hides it, presents it with a flourish, etc. 

Do you think God enjoys watching us enjoy–His gifts?  Count on it!

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