STOP! Put it down–just for a minute…

A simple glass of water is not very heavy, but if you stand there holding it all day, it becomes very heavy.  If you put it down just for a short time, you will be able to pick it up again later and carry on.

We’re trying to get people to just stop for a few minutes, in their rushing-around-day.  Stop and enjoy something simple…


  • Christmas colours–red & green, gold & silver, etc.
  • a favourite carol
  • hot chocolate
  • some old pictures
  • the colour of your husband’s eyes
  • the smile of a coworker
  • after going to all the work of putting up your Christmas tree, how often do you just look at it?  For more than just a minute between errands?

Lord God, thank You for the simple truth that You love us and care for every detail of our lives.

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