this moment

After we posted that yesterday about “only believe”, we read an article that talked about the fault that some have of just worrying about “getting them in the door”.  It’s also important to help people grow from the first step–which actually is still simple enough, involving conversation/communion with God:  via both prayer and Bible reading/study, (both talking and listening), and fellowship with others in the Family.

Also, there are lots of deep, profound truths, and lots of fun, complicated things, to balance out the simple things.  It seems that you can go to two extremes for absolutely everything!

Now, for our last post on the Simplicity theme.  This morning’s reading talks about “active waiting”… meaning we’ve planted a seed, and we know something is happening–no matter how slow & invisible it seems.  Don’t worry about the past or the future, just be “fully present” to this moment:  “this moment is the moment”.

“O God, forgive us for frequently living in fear of the future or in regret about the past.  Help us to open our hearts to you each moment.”

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