Oh my, there are so. many. beautiful songs out there at this time of year, aren’t there?  Last year The Mom posted her “top seven”, but really there are many, many more.  Some of them have such great wording…

At the completion of the Golden Gate:  no the angels did not celebrate
And when the Wright boys flew their bird–no angelic shouts were heard.

Now when the light bulb first lit up the town, no the angels did not dance around
And when the man stepped on the moon–they didn’t sing a victory tune.

Now heaven doesn’t strike up a band
for any old occasion at hand,
It’s gotta be a special thing–to make those angels sing…

Now when the Model T first hit the street, it didn’t bring all heaven to it’s feet;
And when the first computer was born–they didn’t blow on Gabriel’s horn…

There’s only one thing that we’re sure about
    that can make those angels jump and shout…
It’s when a sinner makes the Lord his choicethat’s when the angels rejoice!

When the United States became a nation,
there was no angelic celebration!
But one lost sinner comes back home–
        they jump for joy around the throne!

Now here are The Mom’s “Top Two”, all-time favourites:

“#2. O Little Town of Bethlehem, by Out of Eden: this one is truly an amazing listening experience, (with even a nature-sound of frogs in some places), and makes me worship God for the beauty of music!

#1. Adoration, by the Newsboys:  There are so many things we know so well, that if we just stop to really think about them, we could feel the wonder and awe again.  The Newsboys are so good with words, as well as the exultant lift in the melody and instrumental part. You really feel like you can be expressive, when you belt it out along with them. (Just don’t sing with headphones on while others are around!)”

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