You’ll forgive us for returning to this subject again, but this Fall we’ve seen/heard of so very many people leaving this world–the list of prayer requests in the Church bulletin has become a looong one of “pray for so & so who is grieving”.  Taped up on the wall among our Christmas cards, is “Thank You”–for “sharing our sorrow”…

Also, one of our readings this morning (very handily :D) talks about the mix of joy & sorrow.  Nouwen is pointing out all the “celebrating” that we do in The Church, throughout the year (many services or parts of services are actually named “celebration”).

“Since ecstatic joy enhances all of life, it does not shy away from the painful moments of failure, departure and death.  In the house of love even death is celebrated, not because death is desirable or attractive but because in the face of death life can be proclaimed as victorious.”


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