There’s always so much in Rob’s sermons, I sometimes feel lazy when it comes to making notes about them!  Today he was talking about “The Beginning and The End”.  One scripture was the geneology in Matthew, and the other from the last chapters of Revelations.

He pointed out the three “sections” in the geneology, mentioned in the chapter.  The first one “ascends” to King David, the next one “descends” from Solomon through several evil kings to the exile, and the last one mentions several people we haven’t heard about anywhere else.  He actually managed to draw a parallel with our church’s history… we started with some “glorious” pastors, but just like David and Solomon had their problems, so did our first few pastors. (Rob said this in a gentle way.)

He did a wonderful job of emphasizing the importance of not dwelling on the past or the future, but using them both to realize God’s presence with us now… Emmanuel.  (Why can’t I remember how he said it, exactly?)  He used the communion table to demonstrate this point (he has an amazing way of always relating the sermon to communion!)–we take the bread and wine “in remembrance” of Jesus, “til He comes”:  the past and the future right there.  And of course, the Alpha and the Omega.

There was a lot more of course.  Next time I shouldn’t be so lazy about making notes during the sermon!

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