Think about this:

It actually happened.

I’m here with the others who saw the heavens testify… now I hang back in the shadows.  I want to come close, I want to know.  She sees me shivering here.  She smiles, and with a nod, I walk through the mud and straw–
to the newborn Son of God.

He raises a wrinkled hand, through the dust and the flies.  Wrapped in rags like we are, and with barely open eyes, he takes my finger; and he won’t let go.  He won’t let go–it’s nothing like I knew before, and it’s all I need to know.

Come, let us adore him–he has come down to the world we live in.  And all I have to give Him, is adoration.  God is with us here.  Our Immanuel!

God is with us here–
Our Immanuel…

O come
        let us
            adore Him,
O come let us
    adore Him!
Jesus, our Immanuel, is with us here
            and He won’t let go!
Come, let us adore him–he has come down to this barren land, where we live. 

And all I have to give Him…
       is adoration,

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