DAY ONE (Reality)

It’s how things begin… Pain. Anguish. Darkness. Brooding. The Spirit was brooding over the face of the Deep… and then the Earth was born. A seed pushes up out of darkness. It is only in pain, that a child can be brought forth.

Was it only a few moments ago, that anguish, that monster of pain?  I can barely remember it, as this babe suckles at my breast.  I would do it all again. There is a vague memory of shame… of whispering tongues about pregnancy out of wedlock. Right now, I couldn’t care less.  Nothing matters but this warm little body, so dependent on me, to keep him alive and comfortable, protected… from any kind of… suffering…

 It hurts to be born… and to be born over again. (That mostly hurt God… for our rebirth, that is.)  

But what joy in new life!

Light a candle (the “Christ Candle”) and leave it burning all day, or all night.

We love to do this and turn off all the lights–including the tree lights.  The ambient light reflecting on the sparkly things in the tree, gives an aura of mystery.  The Mom managed to stay up until the candle went out–which was quite late, considering it didn’t get lit until after 10 pm.  And I managed to put my paw in the flame, by mistake.  I took it out again pretty quick, let me tell you!  It didn’t hurt too bad, but there was a stench of burning fur!
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