DAY FOUR (People)


Not now.  I’m so tired.  Not them… anyone but them!  (Shepherds!)

To have to straighten up, serve refreshments (after finding some!).  To have to make light, friendly conversation.  Then the cleaning up afterwards!
-for uncouth, loud, acquaintances,
-people who smell like they’ve been working over a deep-fryer all night,
-people with no conversational skills, who tell weird stories;
-people who smell like… sheep.

Call up someone you don’t usually enjoy talking to, better yet–have them over for a visit.

That’s a hard one, we admit.  But if we’d made it easier, it would have been that much less “push” to actually do it.  However, possibly you were just not able to call them or invite them over… or maybe you don’t even know someone you “don’t enjoy”.  But if you can think of such a person, at least take a few moments to think about them and pray for them.
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