DAY SEVEN (New Year’s Eve)

You probably know by now that The Mom is very emotional… well, you should see her at the break of a new year!  She gets SO excited, jumping for joy and making noise; then quietly wiping away a tear.  It’s because, if you really stop to think:  God didn’t have to allow you to make it to another year.  And, if you stop to notice only the blessings that are around right now–never mind all the ones you’ve had all year…  Then there’s the excitement of the year to come.  Who can tell what amazing lessons will be learned, with a God who loves you enough to die for you?

One reason The Mom is cranked up for all that, is because of reading over her journal for the year, both here on lj and her private one.  For example, reading back about when her Boy was so sick, helps her realize how much better things are now!

This is the season for the Wise Men, the “Three Kings”.  Whether you have plans to party tonight, or just sit quietly at home, dress up like Royalty for the evening.  Take pride in who you were created to be–a child of The King… (but don’t be like King Herod, and ‘kill the Christ’ in you!)

They found a really nice, fancy place to eat nearby, where they’ll serve fresh fish anyway you like it–meaning Sam can have it without the sauces, etc. that would ruin his diet.  It was excellent!  They decided to make it an annual tradition for New Year’s:  eat out (late), then come home and listen to oldies.  Then, The Mom went for a walk around the block and yelled Happy New Year to anyone she happened to see!

It’s a great time for dressing up and taking family pictures!

This one is from several years ago, when The Boy was still beardless.

A New Year’s gift for you:
“We ask our God to make you worthy of the life he has called you to live. May he fulfill by his
power all your desire for goodness and complete your work of faith.” (2 Thessalonians  1:11)

Do you have problems, like we do, in thinking about really (honestly) “surrendering all” to God, submitting totally to His will?  Start like this:  when things happen that you didn’t plan on, or they just aren’t going well, catch yourself early on in your complaining, and accept that God is allowing this to happen.  Believe that He knows better than you, about what the best plan is, and that He is working something out, that will be better.  In other words, accepting is a way of submitting!
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