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no longer a little girl

Well, that’s what happens when you boast about never catching a cold!  Now The Mom gets to feel sorry for herself, so that’s fun.  At least there’s a bright, sunny morning + coffee day, to keep her from being too … Continue reading

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got your infusion?

Feeling kind of saturnine this morning, we’d like to be able to just sit here all day listening to the canorous sound of the wind! (We subscribe to TWO “words of the day”. ;) Seems like nothing out of the … Continue reading

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give me 5 Monday… on Tuesday

Here it is again, from:BeccA’s BuzzThe topic of today’s list is – Give Me Five vacation destinations you’ve already enjoyed or would like to some day. 1. Yellowstone Park There’s a lot more there than just Old Faithful–many different geysers, … Continue reading

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sermon notes

We had a special guest this week, who has won awards for preaching.  It was easy enough to see why!  He’s a “professor of systematic and historical theology”, and certainly spoke with more than just the authority that comes with … Continue reading

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still looking for an answer…

(Just while you’re all waiting on the edge of your seats for today’s “sermon notes”, here’s something The Mom had on facebook yesterday).  The question is: “WHAT DO I DO NOW? Anyone for a pet mouse? We were putting out … Continue reading

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places you can feel

TOP PLACES TO VISIT, THAT ARE SO BEAUTIFUL THEY COULD MAKE YOU CRY: 1. Lake Louise, Alberta… especially if that guy happens to be playing his alpen-horn while you’re there.2. Yellowstone park3. The Grand Canyon4. Nanny & Pappy’s cottage-home5. A … Continue reading

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greatness and brightness

Sing with me:How great is our God!And all will see… how great,How great–is our God! Our world is filled with glow this morning:  the bright moon on one side, the sun rising on the other side, The Mom glowing on … Continue reading

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excitement in the air

There’s excitement “in the air”, and it seems like it can’t be only because the Lenten Devotional Booklet will printed TOMORROW… perhaps because Lent means that Spring is only 7 weeks away (sort of ), and when Spring comes–it will … Continue reading

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Sometimes we’re really rather simple here, I know.  But there are enough complicated things in life!  (Whether The Student will ever hook up with a Christian community, whether he’ll actually be healed of his Crohn’s, how this year’s Club service … Continue reading

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Good things for today: Dentist, groceries, then maybe we’ll be able to FINISH proofing at least one of the reference books, for The Student. It’s snowing!  Hard to believe all that snow we had before Christmas completely melted away, but … Continue reading

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