DAY EIGHT (Review, Reality, and Hotel Rwanda)

Soon it will be time to get back to… ordinary life, reality, life as usual, work, school, routine, the mundane.  Mary & Joseph have to present the Baby at the temple, for the tradition of circumcision.

Speaking of reality… we saw “Hotel Rwanda” yesterday.  Then they went out for dinner, and The Mom felt like hugging every black person she saw.  If you ever get the chance, I’m sorry but you must see this movie.  It’s a true story, and sure it’ll make you cry, but people need to cry about this.  But the violence and blood is not too graphic, and it ends sort of happily.  The saddest part was when all the whites were being evacuated, and none of the blacks allowed to go.  Several of them tried to sneak children or other black friends in with them, and they had to be torn away from them.  You could see that most of the whites felt so terrible about leaving the others… to die.

After that movie, and after the great “Party Night” of the year, it seems like no small coincidence that we’ve read a devotional this morning that mentions suffering in other countries, and ends with a comment about “sobering up”!  It was written many years ago by our ex-pastor, after a mission trip to Haiti.

The piece we’re talking about is titled “Enemies”, and the scripture is about the angel appearing to Joseph in a dream and telling them to flee to Egypt (Matt. 2:13).

“Just as Christmas is about God coming down to earth, so the context of His coming in the midst of enemies brings the story down to earth, real life.  The Christmas story reminds us that our lives are as much about foes as they are about friends.  Christians in China understand that the enemies are Marx and Lenin.  For Indonesian believers, the bruising opponent is the power of Islam, Haitians who love Jesus continually face the present evil of Satanic Voodoo.  For Jesus and his parents the enemy was the other political candidate, Herod.

“The way we organize ourselves, Christmas doesn’t lend itself to talking about these things.  But be aware that we are no different from our brothers and sisters in China, Haiti, or Indonesia.  Nor are we different from our brother Jesus.  Negative thinking you say, but face up to the fact that something is out to get you.  There is an opposition designed to crush you and to erase your story.  This is no dream.  This is how you sober up at Christmas.

It’s a little easier to “get back to it”, if you’ve made some new goals; it’s not too late to review your year, and *cringe*(?) make resolutions!

The Dad went out and bought a treadmill, so everyone’s resolutions in this house, have been kind of made for them!


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