good-bye 2007

We picked the easy one out of all the year-review-things that are going around.  And it’s fun:  you copy the first sentence from the first journal entry for each month, into one paragraph…

The Mom has been kicked out of here, and I’m taking over this journal.  The next thing, coming down from the trees (to continue our “work” of noticing things), would be roof-tops and chimneys.  We’re going to be away for three weeks (unless during our journeys, we come across wireless somewhere), so here’s something to read while we’re gone.  Today I’m going to give you a whole long quote from The Mom’s last-year’s lenten journal (which was posted elsewhere). HAPPY MAY-DAY EVERYONE!!  The green-jewel month (see post from the other day), the lacy-bride month!!  Apparently they had a good time… if the size of certain waist-lines is any indication.  “The Golden Month”… to celebrate, here are some great worship lyrics:  The Mom seems to be in a list-making craze.  Nanny’s pumpkin & apple pie!!!  Something new added to the workout routine:  scraping windshield.  How many symbols of HOPE can you think of?

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