DAY TEN (Trust)

-of not getting things done
-of missing something good
-of making a fool of myself
-of sickness—for my loved ones as much as for myself
-of global warming
-of getting old
-of harm coming to my child…
    -of a king’s murderous jealousy,
    -of a strange, unknown country.

Secrecy, hiding, escape.  Yet, can there be any reason not to trust, when Wise Men are carefully “returning by a different way”, and both wise men and simple men, have been directed by angels?

The Holy Land was a strange country to the Wise Men, and Joseph & Mary had to travel to Egypt–not strange to their nation’s history perhaps, but unknown to them.

(That’s me in the background there–curled up on The Boy, a few years ago.)

Make a list of your own fears, then go over each one and ask yourself: “What is the worst that could happen?”  Now–just ‘give up’… trust!  God can be trusted.

Of course, that list of fears is still true for The Mom; last year around this time, she was able to experience (often) what it’s like to have to battle with fear for a loved one.  You can take her word for it, that God gives you the ticket when the train’s coming (from The Hiding Place)… the ability to realize that nothing really matters except Him.  Even if He has to keep giving you that ability again and again!
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