feeling blah?

The Mom has several reasons/excuses for her “blah” feeling this morning:

  • The Christmas tree is gone, but the other decorations still need putting away, and everything is in disarray.
  • The weather is very gray, rainy, and unseasonable; the sun hasn’t shone in days.
  • She’s been doing her usual read-over of her journals (a much larger job, with livejournal this year), and was feeling rather embarrassed about herself (but a little humbling is good for her).
  • She woke up at 3 am and couldn’t get back to sleep; The Student was moved back in to residence yesterday, and his sleep machine wasn’t going, to help put her back to sleep.

But I have a different theory.  My hint was when her eyes filled, simply because of the beauty of the sound… she just needed worship music.

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