We’re back! It’s back!

We’re back to our chair by the window, since The Mom FINALLY got all the Christmas decorations cleaned up, and the LIGHT is back in the sky today!!  Woohoo!  That all got kicked off with an amazing show this morning…

When we got up, the rain was coming down in sheets and the wind was whipping things up noisily.  So The Mom decided to turn the lights back off so we could watch things better outside; she lit a candle to see breakfast & coffee by.  Shortly, lo and behold–a deep glowing-blue appeared!  The wind had blown away the clouds just as the sun was rising!  Even though more clouds have blown back in, it’s still quite bright out.

This thrill has inspired some thoughts for a new morning routine:  why not light a candle, instead of lights, every morning?  It will mean two things–The Mom won’t be able to do her “Chicken Soup for the Soul Bible”-reading until the sun rises, and she’ll have to spend some time doing nothing but looking outside.  That is what she needs, to be FORCED to “do nothing” but look outside for a few minutes, pray… listen…

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