to enjoy is to obey

Happy Birthday

!  A lady in our church has this week become a nonagenarian, but I’m pretty sure you’re not quite there yet! :)

The Mom has just been reminded of her age–some people she hasn’t seen since MIDDLE SCHOOL have just found her on facebook!  And if that isn’t distracting enough, looks like our flist has been extra-busy in the last 24 hours.  Okay, so… short post… (what are we talking about–it’s always short!)

The neat thing we’ve read this morning is a quote, from Alexander Pope (English satirical writer):

“What blessings thy free bounty gives
Let me not cast away;
For God is paid when man receives,
To enjoy is to obey.”

We’re tempted to make that last line our new subtitle, since that is what we try to do here; however, one doesn’t want to pretend that life is always enjoyable!  In fact, hiding or “shunning” anything unpleasant can be very harmful.  BUT.  It’s when you’re being bothered by those kinds of “shadows”, that you especially need to pause and notice something good!  Obey:  enjoy!

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