LAST Christmas activity

Good things for today:

  • OUTSIDE:  Even though large clouds are floating by–they have a golden lining, YAY!  We sure haven’t seen a lot of sun these days.  And it’s minus 9 Celsius, so that’s as it should be:  winter.
  • INSIDE:  Mushroom Latkes for supper tonight; and The Mom is hopeful that there will be lots of time to finish some proofing for The Student.

Best thing about yesterday:  The Mom finally took some time to do this idea she had for a “thank you card” for The Nanny–

This lady does so much to make Christmas special for everyone–including lots of delicious baking.

We just happened to have this Christmas card where the Santa looked kind of feminine, so we got rid of the beard and put Nanny’s face in there, and instead of the two little ones who were in the bed, we put Nanny’s latest great-grandchild (wearing a bib that says “Baby’s First Christmas”–she actually fell asleep in her high chair!), and the other little one is Nanny’s own baby (who is now over 40 of course) holding the storybook “Twas the Night Before Christmas”.  Also changed–instead of a bag full of toys, it’s her cookies (actually Pappy helped bake some of them too); and instead of “To Santa”, the stocking tag says “To Mrs. Claus”.
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