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Today was a Leader’s meeting for the midweek children’s ministry at our church, held after the service, and the purpose of the meeting was to plan a service project for the kids.  It “just happened” that the message was about being called to a life of Mission!  Of course, that’s the sort of thing it’s bound to be when Craig is speaking, who always reminds us that Christians can sometimes be too “inward looking”–enjoying their own company kind of thing (not his words) without reaching out.  HOWEVER, he did mention that “we are more than just souls to be saved”, and this is a truth that seems to be “re-awakening” in some places.  Once people come to Christ, they also need to be discipled.  (A famous southern pastor has even admitted that having a big church with lots of programs is not the answer.)  We also have social needs, and of course physical–we are body, mind and spirit, and you cannot separate these.

Craig used Matthew 9:35-37, and each verse enumerated a point, of Jesus’ example, about our call to spread the Gospel:
vs 35–It involves proclamation, speaking; or teaching and preaching (yes, “live it”, but be ready to answer, as well; and more than answer).
vs 36 –Jesus met people’s needs; He even would stop whatever He was doing to meet someone’s physical need–even interrupt His teaching.
vs 37–Remember who the Lord of the harvest is–we cannot do anything, or understand which is the best way to do it, without His help and guidance–without praying about it and depending on the Holy Spirit.  And of course, we need to pray/ask for workers–being open to the fact that WE might be those workers.

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