Good things for today:

  • Dentist, groceries, then maybe we’ll be able to FINISH proofing at least one of the reference books, for The Student.
  • It’s snowing!  Hard to believe all that snow we had before Christmas completely melted away, but finally we’re getting some more to brighten up the scene out there!

Best things about yesterday:

  • The Mom gave her “thumbs up” for the FINAL PROOF of the Devotional Booklet!  Now for the other two to check it out, and it’s OFF TO THE PRINTER! Yay!
  • Taking The Student back to rez last night went really fast; The Mom was all set to be sitting in traffic for hours after noticing an accident & loooong backup on the way there, but it was amazingly all cleared by the time she dropped him off and turned around.

Best thing of all:  I’m loved with a jealous love!

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